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The House of Tracks online music magazine is back!

New Zealand’s fastest growing microblogging service

I’ve only been back in New Zealand for about a month but I’ve been pretty busy this Christmas building New Zealand fastest growing microblogging service. Party With Monsters let’s you post updates of up to 280 charaters to your mates (twice as many as Twitter). You can make friends, reply to people’s posts, add favourites and send private messages to each other.

Plus, for January 2012 you can win an ipod if you join.

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My Most Hated Lyric

From the second I first heard this lyric, it crawled under my skin where it has been living happily ever since. Taunting me. Knowing that, years from now, it will lead me to madness and my ultimate demise.

All Saints

The lyric is ‘I got my conscious asking questions that I can’t find’ taken from the song ‘Never Ever’ by All Saints.

How can your conscious ask questions that you can’t find? The answer is that you and your conscious will struggle to do anything with something that you are unable to find. This is basic logic. The lyric defies the laws of logic. Ha ha ha, what stupid fools All Saints have made of themselves! Yeah?… Anyone?… (silence).

This leads me to my main problem with the lyric. When people hear this song, they don’t immediately register the lyric as defying the laws of logic. Even once I point out what the lyric is and explain why it makes no sense, people respond nonchalantly. This makes me crazy. How can everyone be so indifferent about this!

Now, I hate the font Comic Sans. In fact, I hate the font Comic Sands more than this lyric but at least every now and again I hear people venting about how much they hate Comic Sans too. I find this reassuring. It’s nice to know it’s not just me. However, I have yet to find anyone who shares my anger over this lyric and I find this infuriating. Even more so than the lyric itself! I’m sure that over time, this infuriation (if it’s not a word, it should be) will eat away at me until I eventually explode.

Not that this matters, but perhaps All Saints meant that they couldn’t find answers to the questions. In which case the lyric could easily be extended by two words to ‘I got my conscious asking questions that I can’t find answers to’. This is what my brain does to the lyric every time I have the displeasure of listening to it. If I had a time machine, I would go back to the time that this song was written/recorded and change this. While I was there, I would also change the word ‘got’ to ‘have’.

My Remix EP is available for free download from Wed 19 Jan 2011.

Even if you’re not a fan of dubstep; you have to appreciate this performance of I Need Air by Magnetic Man.

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